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Domain Registration services provided by ACS are also maintained by ACS for  its esteemed customers. Domain control panel is provided to our customers in their email address automatically whoever registers domain through us so that they can manage the associated services or to study any details associated with their domain. We always book domain in our customer's name and address and not ours. Domain Registration services from us has to be associated with hosting services from us also because we don't provide only hosting services.

If any customer wishes to take away the Domain Control Panel & Hosting services away from us under anyone else's control panel, in that case we don't restrict them but they will have to pay a service charge of Rs.5000/-only which is charged from them for the maintenance & registration services provided by us during booking of domain for them and after as they have provided only the price of the domain and not for the registration services and technical know-how about settings and properties of domain control panel during purchase. However these service are complementary and not charged as long as our customers keep the domain and hosting services with us.

If anyone wants to take away the Domain control panel under someone else's control panel from us then he must have to book new hosting space elsewhere as we don't continue to provide any hosting services associated with that domain and he should take backup of his files and emails present in his hosting space. We only provide hosting services to those domains which are registered and maintained by us. No refund of any hosting charges are given if it is transferred at any point of time from us.

We do not hold any responsibility of the content present in the website of our clients as we are involved only with the designing and development. Contents are exclusively provided by our clients.

Data Processing Jobs  - We do not keep data more than one month after the completion of data processing job provided to us by various organizations so we don't keep responsibility for the storing and maintenance of data and no such claims to be entertained.

Support for Software Solutions provided by us are given by us for any error, however for extension or enhancements are charged as per the job.

Website Designed and developed by us does not have any free support associated with that unless it is specified and mentioned in the proposal letter or performance letter provided by us.

Any modification or change in any website after the completion of maintenance period will be charged as per our rates or depending upon the job.

If a Website designed and developed by us and within maintenance period is given to someone else for support or modification of any part will not have free maintenance applicable.

Any website development job offered to us and a part payment is made as advance and if after that the client changes the requirement or keeps enhancing the requirements or design more than he is supposed to get and pressurizes of not paying the remaining amount if works not done as per their enhanced wish, in that case ACS might suspend all the works for indefinite period or scrap the project unless or as long as the customer agrees to pay the additional payments as per the enhancements. In case or termination of any project by us No Refund will be given but an unfinished files as per the initial requirement placed by the customer can be delivered to them depending on the payments made as advance.

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